HYDRAID® Biosand Water Filter Sale

30% off Containers of Hydraid® Filters or 25% Off Pallets of Hydraid Filters*

Our holiday sale gives you extra money to extend your impact. So, as you plan your 2013 projects, for the next 30 days we are offering 30% off on a container of Hydraid BioSand Filter bodies (2,250 filter bodies) or 25% off of pallets (50 filter bodies) purchased direction from Triple Quest.

To place your order, call us at 616-254-4114.

Thank you for your generosity of spirit and your organization's work that is easing the burden of getting safe water to those most in need.


* Additional Information:

  • Ship anytime before August 31, 2013 (required 45 days advance notice)
  • 30% deopsit required
  • Standard purchase, shipping, customs clearance, duties and taxes apply. 
  • 3% of the total order withheld for canceled orders.